The New West: Art and the Environment Certificate

Post-Secondary Certificate - The New West: Art and the Environment Certificate

College of the Arts and Media

Art provides a critical lens to explore the history, use, and contemporary stewardship of western American lands. Working independently and collaboratively in hands-on research, students will study in the field, studio, seminar, and lecture. This certificate is appropriate for students from a wide range of disciplines. Students learn visual expression skills for innovative interpretations and positive solutions.

Students are admitted to the New West Certificate by completion of application. The application is posted on line through the School of Visual and Media Arts website.

Degree Specific Credits: 12

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.00

Catalog Year: 2021-22


Required Courses


Total Credits


Required Courses




Complete 12 credits of the following courses:

ARTH 444

Open Range: Land Art and the American Consciousness

ARTZ 394

Seminar- Environmental Drawing

ARTZ 410

Advanced Research - Drawing

ARTZ 420

Advanced Research - Painting

ARTZ 451

Advanced Research - Sculpture

CRWR 424

Creative Writing: Nonfiction, New West: From This Point

FILM 481

Advanced Studies in Film

Total Credits:


Minimum Required Grade: C-